Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review American Wick Kerosene Wick, do not know yet

The few days earlier. I'm looking for information on the American Wick Kerosene Wick, so i have to tell.

American Wick Kerosene Wick

Highlights Exact length diameter and thickness High quality Replacement wick for the new Sengoku heater HMN-110 (Catalog Id 40737970). Read more or Check Price

The opinions of the customers who bought this item

We do not know honestly so far we do not need is the one that came with the heater is still great by FredFloB

Thank you for finding the ' appropriate item and get me .. I find there are too many inquiries for purchases simple .. by Clint White

The wick is well made and compatible with my stove like a glove ( ctn110 ). I found it easy to install and the adjustment line put the wick to a perfect height. by Robert Taylor

Just set the line so that when viewed through the barrel you can barely see the line. In this way you can use the setting on the heater itself. by Lawrence S. Mitchell


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